Ask for charity donation
I wish to spend rest of my life telling "a message of love and peace "to the people of the world.

I know very well that many people say " How is it possible that a housewife, a disabled person is the leader of such a movement?".

However, I firmly believe that no woman wishes her children or husband to go to wars, to be a murderer.

With that common affection, we, women can connect as one.

And with it, we are sure, we have enough power to stop wars.

Our activity is supported by the good will's charity of the donor who are receptive to our aim. Thanks to those, we could hold N.Y. performances during UN Peace Week in Sep. 2012.

Though, we are facing financial difficulties, we will never give up this activity until the world would be filled with love and peace and the Earth would be united as one.

We are considering that the appeal of "a message for love and peace@"and the art performance to take place in Geneva, Vatican, or areas of conflict such as the Middle East or Africa are also very important upcoming events.

If you agree with our activities and would like to make a donation to support us, we profoundly appreciate your offers.

With love and gratitude to you.

Noriko Inamaori