Noriko Inamori

Noriko Inamori was born in Tokyo in 1956. She was a mother having five children, and living an ordinary life as a housewife. However, since around 2007, her steps started swaying when walking, and after that the symptom gradually progressed. And in around 2009, she became unable to stand up alone. She was given a notice of the name of the disease. That was SND (Striato‐nigral degeneration), one of the Multi system atrophy. This disease is like Parkinnson disease, and it progresses faster than Parkinson disease, and before long to death.

When she knew her own disease, she wondered what she could do to use her limited life. So she reached the idea to do something good to the world through the theatrical performances and songs which she enjoyed since she was young. Then she founded an amateur artistic group in 2010. She started the group with a few friends at first. Now it has over a hundred of people gathering, and the variety of the performances covers theatrical performance, music, dance, painting, and Japanese Taiko drums.

Just as Noriko was about to go overseas to deliver the performances of the group, she returned to heaven in August 2013. All the members of the "INAMORI Art Project Group" will take over her spirit, and will keep on appealing Love & Peace to all over the world.